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Elgamill Relocation


  • To complete electrical disassembly of Butler Elgamill machine in order to allow the table, column and electrical cabinet to be separated prior to relocation of machine to new area within factory.
  • To inspect all cables for damage within old energy chain unit and replace as necessary.
  • To source suitable new energy-chain & design appropriate new mounting brackets.
  • Following machine relocation, to complete electrical reassembly and install new energy-chain unit.
  • To conduct full commissioning of machine.

Additionally, the majority of this work had to be completed during the factory shut-down period of 1 week.

The original energy chain consisted of a metal frame containing 4 lengths of conduit.

All of the motor cables, pendant unit cables and machine feedback cables ran through these to the electrical cabinet.

The conduit was generally in poor condition, and not adequately protecting the cables. In addition, it had previously been found to be very time consuming to replace damaged cable from within the conduit.

Robtec recommended that during the machine relocation this energy-chain unit be replaced by a heavy-duty Igus unit, with hinged panels to allow easy access to the cables for future maintenance.

An appropriate new energy tube unit was sourced from Igus, with heavy duty links and internal spacers to separate the high and low voltage cabling.

New mounting brackets were designed and installed by Robtec, and new trunking laid to the electrical cabinet.

All of this, plus the electrical re-installation and commissioning of the machine was completed within the specified time-period.